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Who is the SAG Digital?

We are proud to serve as the Digital Hub for the Swiss Automotive Group (SAG) from our base in Cologne, Germany. Specializing in technical solutions, we tackle the challenges that will shape the future of the automotive e-commerce industry. With 4,500 dedicated employees, SAG boasts a robust turnover exceeding EUR 1.1 billion annually.

While our core operations are anchored in Cologne, we also have vibrant teams in Munich and Cluj, Romania. Our diverse group includes developers, product owners, marketers, designers, DevOps and QA engineers. United by a passion for agile product development, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Our development teams power e-commerce applications across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary. In many of these countries, we operate multiple brands and shops, catering to a diverse clientele. Additionally, we extend our reach through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, connecting with customers wherever they shop online.

At our company, flexibility and efficiency are paramount. We embrace a remote-first policy, allowing our team members to collaborate and excel from anywhere within Europe. This approach ensures we attract top talent, fostering a culture of creativity and productivity that transcends geographical boundaries.

We believe in agile principles.

We strongly believe in the Agile Manifesto. In our daily business we try our best to stick to the following rules and values:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • Responding to change over following a plan.

Values we believe in.

Our company culture.

Our company culture is based on trust, passion and ownership. We strongly believe in entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Based on these values and believes we build our team and develop our products. We try every day to do our best to stick to these values.

At the core of this culture are our values that define how we work, interact, exchange and communicate with one another on a daily basis.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Always ask yourself: What would you do when this is your company?

Data Driven

Let data speak – don’t listen to your gut feeling.

Coffee & Beer

Every good day needs to start with a coffee or ends with a beer.


We trust each other and have fun working together.

Tools and solutions we love

Below you find some tools and technologies we love to work with. We are of course always open to new ideas.

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Jira & Confluence





React Native

Angular JS

Azure Cloud









Power BI

Elastic Search


Creative Cloud










Spring Boot



Google Ads

We are always searching for great talent. Are you interested? Check out our open vacancies.



"I am passionate about developing digital businesses. I love the unique spirit and atmosphere when something new is starting. This is also what is happening right now here with SAG Digital: A great team that is ready to face new challenges backed by a strong corporation with SAG Group."



"I found my passion in product development and have been working in tech and product for 7 years now. When I ask developers to describe myself with one word it will be "burndown". I am heavily addicted to data driven decisions, pragmatism and love being in crossfunctional teams to ship great products to our users."



"As a CRM Manager for SAG I challenge myself everyday to create long term relationships with our customers."


SEO / Copywriter

"I'm Tim and here for search engine optimization. As a content marketing manager, I deliver helpful content and technical optimizations to our clients in the fascinating world of SEO."



"What I love most about Product Management? The diversity of tasks and responsibilities. PM means working on the crossroads between business and technology. It means constantly interacting with people and diving into all sorts of data. As a Product Owner I constantly strive to deliver, but I also take time to be creative. My mind is laser-focused on the next sprint, while the product vision always guides me like a compass. This variety is what keeps me excited everyday!"



“I love design because it is a discipline that touches people's lives through creating sensory experiences. Its pervasive presence affects absolutely everything around us. I believe that design is, in its own right, inclusive, diverse, interdisciplinary, universal, and accessible to all.”



"I'm Filiz and as a working student in the human resources department, I support my colleagues and try to make their work easier. Why Human Resources? You're constantly in contact with new people, so it's never boring. My goal is to bring new talented and motivated people to SAG digital and most importantly, we want to create a safe and friendly environment."


Scrum Master

"As a Scrum Master I understand and value agile principles, tools, frameworks, ceremonies and artifacts. I help the teams by empowering and encouraging them to be more cross-functional."



"I support the team's QA needs as a Working Student. I get to be part of every step a product takes and I help to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible."


Social Media

„As a Social Media Manager, social media is my passion. I love creating content and interacting with the community.”


Design & UX

‘‘As a dedicated UI/UX Designer, I take pride in crafting visually appealing and innovative designs that cater to the preferences of users. I understand that individuals are driven by both rational and emotional factors, which is why, when embarking on a new design project, I prioritize the end user's experience, taking into consideration how they will perceive and interact with the product.

Design, for me, transcends beyond the realm of a mere occupation. It is a fervent passion that fuels my daily creativity and commitment to producing exceptional work‘‘


Design & UX

"In my role as a UX/UI Designer, my primary objective is to enhance the visual and functional aspects of websites and apps. I specialize in understanding user preferences and streamlining user experiences. I stay abreast of contemporary design trends to ensure our creations remain cutting-edge and visually compelling. My job goes beyond just being professional; I'm really passionate about creating easy-to-use digital designs."

People behind the SAG Digital



"I would like to think my contribution to Github’s Arctic Code Vault will have an impact on generations to come. Especially my half-baked attempt of building the game “Snake” in HTML5 and JS will show future engineers what it was like to develop code in the early 21st century: It’s hard work, it’s a struggle and we can only aspire to become a better version of ourselves each day. Having that said, I like to empower developers to get shit done and be pragmatic about solutions. And hey, that game of snake is fun, unless you hit the border on the right hand side. Could you help with that? PRs welcome…"


Growth & Marketing

"I am a petrol-head that once happened to become passionate about data and web analytics.
My goal is to perpetually refine our Marketing tactics and ensure SAG Digital the possibility of embracing new opportunities. My motto? "Be data-driven, not just data-informed.”



"Three years ago I found my niche in software developing and never looked back! I enjoy working in teams and value communication with various departments, trying to build bridges between developers, designers and product. My goal is to ensure software runs smoothly and meets our clients needs."


Design & UX

"Designing interfaces to explain functionality is my job, but being innovative to meet the users needs is my passion. With human centered design in mind, I create solutions that are not only easy and joyful to use, but bring value to our customers. Guided by the principles of Design Thinking, I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams to improve products to fit the needs of users and business."



"My name is Julian and I have a passion for numbers – because numbers don't lie. I started my career more than 10 years ago in one of the big four companies. Since then I have also worked in Investment Banking and did my MBA in Barcelona. I like to surround myself with people who have dreams, desire and the ambition to succeed in whatever they do. And always remember – the best view comes after the hardest climb!"



"As a Product Owner I am constantly juggling between different needs and perspectives to ship the best version of our product to our users. I found my passion in creating digital products for mobile devices, especially apps. Working in an agile setting with crossfunctional teams, highly motivates me."



"I am Lea and here to create a motivating and fun environment in order to tap the full potential of our team. Our goal is to all grow together and therefore we support the growth of every single one. In order to bring the digital development of SAG to the next level, I am looking for talented people who are motivated to shape this path together with their own ideas."



“As Product Owner responsible for the growth of Marketplaces in Europe, I never get bored. Juggling several channels at once is my passion and each channel in itself is a challenge. I strive for smart data-driven dynamic solutions that help me to keep the control over as many channels as possible in order to find the best strategy for our Business."


Category Management

"Shaping excellent assortments requires a deep end-to-end understanding of our Product Lifecycle, the value-add for our customers and working well in a data-driven world.
My enthusiasm for Category Management is driven by the internal and external complexities of market, products, services and cross-functional collaboration.
As authentic leader and ambitious sportsman, I have a passion for establishing growth-driving team spirit and building successful business relationships."


BI & Data

"Make data your greatest asset!
As Product Owner Business Intelligence, I want to provide my colleagues with great solutions in this area. If you want to understand your customers, your products, the whole company, you can't do it without data. I love that this attitude is lived at SAG Digital. This, a modern data stack and great colleagues help me to achieve this goal."